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''Who lives madless is not so wise as he believes''
Francois de la Rochefoucald


  • 2018/2019: aerial acrobat, stilts walker and dancer for GDS Prod Around the World in Eighty Days, Salle Playel in Paris, Zenith in Lille and Palais d’expo in Lyon;


  • 2018: aerial straps for Gran Gala Generation Cirque, Strasbourg;
  • 2015: research and creation on silk for Racconti d’aria project by Furio Camillo Theatre in Rome;


  • 2014: aerial performances in the show Atmosphere at Malatestina Court of Fano, directed and choreographed by Luciano Melandri;
  • 2014: aerial performances in Uomo tra gli uomini the musical, at Auditorium Conciliazione of Rome, directed by Sabrina Morante;


  • 2013: debut of the show OperAerea at the Furio Camillo Theatre of Rome, directed by Roberta Castelluzzo;
  • 2012: opening on the hoop and closing on aerial silk in the show Il Varietà delle Meraviglie night show at the Orione Theatre of Rome, directed by Giorgio Enea;


  • 2010/2011: performing as a dancer and walking on stilts in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar of the Peep Arrow, directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo and choreographed by Roberto Croce;



  • 2015: acrobat with harness in the television advertising Lavazza Paradiso;


  • 2010/2011: television appearance in the programs Domenica in and Pomeriggio 5 for the presentation of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”;



  • 2020: aerial hoop for the Gala de DanseLa Danse dans tous ces Etats, Vernon;


  • 2017: aerial silk and aerial net on ice for the Gala Pattinaggio Artistico, Piancavallo, Venice;
  • 2014: aerial silk performance in the sporting event  I 100 anni del CONI at the Olympic Stadium of Rome;


  • 2013: dance performance in the water ball in occasion of the white night Christmas night, charity event at the Freetime sporting club of Rome;
  • 2012: aerial silk performance with the singer Francesca Gagnon of the Cirque du Soleil  and the National Dance Academy of Rome dancers for the Progetto Filippide at the Olympic Preparation Centre of Rome;


  • 2012: aerial silk performance at the 3° Memorial Manola Rosi of Arezzo;
  • 2012: speaker in the meeting Vivere in Forma at the Sports Club Acquaniene of Rome, during the event In Forma per la vita;


  • 2012: aerial silk performance at the Sessantenario della ginnastica Romana at the Olympic Stadium of Rome;
  • 2011: 1° place in the category “Aerial Silk” at the World’s First PPS Aerial Performance Tournament Hong Kong;


  • 2010: aerial acrobat guest (aerial silk and hoop performance) at the Festival del Fitness Olympic Stadium of Rome;



  • 2017: aerial straps for the Rony Roller Circus New Year’s Eve, Rome;


  • 2012/2013/2014: aerial silk performance in occasion of the Epiphany of the pharmaceutical company Angelini in Rome and Ancona;
  • 2012: aerial  silk performance at the presentation of Silvian Heach new collection (Indian Rose) at the Sala UOLL of Florence;


  • 2011: fire, stilts and sphere performance for the collection fashion show 2011 Costumi da bagno Triumph  in Rimini;



  • 2019: stilts walker for L’Envol Show by Remue Menage Company, Paris;
  • 2018: stilts waker for the White Night in Paris;


  • 2018: stilts walker for the TOTEM Show by Cirque du Soleil, promotion show in Paris’ shopping centers;
  • 2015: aerial silk performance in the dinner show Otel Verieté in Florence;


  • 2013: aerial silk performance in the show “…dietro il vento” of the Materia Viva company during the Notte dei Fori on august 3th in Rome;
  • 2013: 3° edition of Capolavori in movimento, an itinerant path at the Museo della Civiltà Romana in Rome with dancers, actors and acrobats, directed by Enrico Maria La Manna and the stage management of Barbara Marzoli;




  • 2019: aerial straps for Gala di Aerea in the Festival Battiti, Furio Camilo Theatre, Rome;


  • 2019: stilts walker, aerial silk and aerial straps for Cirque en Bauce, by Cirque Electrique, Bauce;
  • 2018: aerial straps for Roma in Festa Festival, Circo Massimo, Rome;


  • 2014: aerial hoop performance at Il Festival delle contaminazioni in Montecelio (Rome);
  • 2011: aerial silk performance at the Festival degli Artisti di Strada in Maiori (Costiera Amalfitana);


  • 2010/2011: circus performances in the review Concerti di Musica Classica per bambini at the ex Mattatoio di Testaccio (Rome) organized by the Popular School of music in Testaccio;
  • 2010: aerial silk performance at the Festival multi-artistico Marte Live  at the Palladium Theatre of Rome;


  • 2009/2010: walking on stilts in the art event Poggio Catino in scena organized by World Dance Alliance Europe, art direction by Joseph Fontano and Luca Di Paolo;



  • 2011: acrobatic duo on the trapeze, hoop and aerial cube with the Spanish acrobat Erika Lady Trapeeze at the discos  Privilege of Ibiza and Air of Amsterdam;


  • 2008: dancer and wading bird for Mazda  at Motor Show of Bologna;
  • 2005/2008: choreographer in summer and winter villages Valtur;



  • 2017/2018 aerial disciplines teacher at ENACR Ecole de Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois and Cirque Electrique Paris;


  • 2017/2019: Aerial disciplines workshops for profrssional students at Generation Cirque, Strasbourg;
  • 2016: aerial disciplines intern at Flic in Torino for the e-learning intructor course that i took at ENC de Montreal.